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“We pay attention to the Details!”

Welcome to Gander’s Detailing Headquarters, your one stop source for all your auto detailing needs. Don’t have time to waste doing it yourself? Don’t have the supplies you need? Let a Certified Detailing Specialist make your car look like new! Our Specialists use only the highest quality car care products.

Attention to detail is what separates our car detailing from regular car washes in the area. Whether it’s by adding top-of-the-line product, or using higher quality auto detailing equipment like wool wash mitts and microfiber drying towels, we work smarter so your vehicle looks sharper.

Make an appointment at the front desk or call 443.477.0025
Appointments can be made Monday – Thursday.

Detailing Menu

Full Detail
4-5 Hours

Small/Mid $279.00
Large $299.00

  • Rims Cleaned
  • “Thorough” Total Interior Clean
  • Air Compressed Blow Out
  • Vacuum
  • Windows
  • Hard Surface Nooks & Crannies
  • Cleaned and Wiped Down
  • Total Car – 1st, 2nst and 3rd Rows
    • Spot Cleaning of Seats, Mats, and Carpets
    • All Vinyl Surfaces Cleaned and Dressed
    • All Leather Surfaces Cleaned and Conditioned
  • Hand Applied Paste Wax
  • Hand Buffed
  • Tire Shine

Express Detail
1-2 Hours

Small/Mid $99.00
Large $119.00

  • Ultimate Tunnel Wash
  • Express Interior Clean Air
  • Compressed Blow Out, Vacuum, Windows, Hard Surface Wipe Down
    Vinyl and Leather Dressing on the Front Row
  • Hand Applied Spray Wax “Body Gloss”
  • Tire Shine


  • Body Gloss 18.00
  • Rim Cleaner $12.00
  • Paste Wax Sm. $85.00; Lg. $95.00
  • Pet Hair Removal Priced Upon Inspection
  • Dash and Door Dressing $14.00
  • Leather Treatment $12.00
  • Floor Mats Shampooed $6.00 a mat
  • Rugs and Seats Shampooed- Priced Upon Inspection


  • Hand Wax / Hand Polish
    SM-MID $50.00
    LARGE $75.00
  • Hand Wash
    SM-MID $35.00
    LARGE $45.00
  • Hand Wash w/ Interior
    SM-MID $50.00
    LARGE $60.00

    Just a Wax
    Hand Applied Paste Wax

    Small/Mid $85.00
    Large $95.00

    • Hand Applied Paste Wax
      w/ Tunnel Wash